Tiger Cape

Used for film crews and equipment, freight transportation, remote site logistics, oil spill response, and emergency services; heated cabin, toilet, and comfortable seating.

The vessel the Tiger Cape is a 33 foot long by 14 foot wide aluminum catamaran landing craft built in Sitka Alaska by Allen Marine in 2007.

The catamaran hull design provides for one of the safest, most comfortable and capable hull designs that enhances the performance of the boat, while maintaining a smooth ride for Kodiak waters.


Passengers Up to 6
Length 33′ long x 14′ wide
Speed 22 knot cruise speed
Front Deck 12′ x 14′
Back Deck 7.5′ x 14′
Access Shallow beach access

The symmetrical hulls provide directional stability in short swell conditions and following seas, while ensuring softness of ride and reduced wetted area, enhancing comfort and economy. The boat features a wide tunnel with a high ceiling between the hulls. This allows free passage of wind-waves underneath without slamming against the underside of the deck above.

For those of you worried about getting sea sick, the Tiger Cape has a 14 foot wide beam that provides for little side roll in a swell helping to keep you from feeling queasy. The tall tunnel height and narrow entry point ensure a smooth transition through the chop.

The drop down bow and shallow draft of the catamaran allow for easy loading and unloading of a wide variety of cargo and makes accessing remote locations very easy and safe for walk on, walk off situations. The cabin is outfitted with heat, bathroom and comfortable seating as well as state of the art navigation and communication equipment.

The Tiger Cape is equipped with twin powerful Suzuki outboards mounted on Atlas Jack plates for a shallow draft and access to shallow beaches and lagoons that other vessels are not able to access. This winning combination will take you to your destination safely and quietly and ensure that your cargo gets to where it needs to in a timely manner with a 22 knot cruise speed.

The Tiger Cape is capable of carrying up to 7,000 pounds and 6 passengers. Our vessel is equipped with extra large fuel tanks and powerful and fuel efficient outboards, allowing us to access all of Kodiak Island at a cruise speed between 20 and 24 miles per hour. The front deck of the tiger cape is 12’x14’ with 7’ wide bow door. The back deck is 7.5’ x 14’.

This vessel is well suited and has been used for film crews and equipment, freight transportation remote site logistics, Oil Spill response and emergency services and crew transportation. A heated cabin, toilet, and comfortable seating are just some of the amenities you’ll find on board.

Each Trip Includes

Pick up or drop off to and from your location

Comfortable cabin with heat and surround sound stereo with blue tooth capability.

Large front deck for cargo or wild life viewing

Spacious back deck for sitting in the sun listening to music and watching the scenery

A knowledgeable and friendly captain

Some of the best customer service you will receive anywhere

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